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Re: quattro-digest V4 #847

>I do think that your addition of the check valve is responsible for the 
>perceived improvement in the boost performance at shifts ... it might 
>even allow the boost to come on sooner from a stop!  Thanks again for 
>the great idea!

Whoa there , lets slow down a minute.  You will not be spooling up
any faster at stock boost levels.  I.e. if the spring has the WG
closed, you are not seeing any effect.  Now the question is, from
stock up to max, when does the WG start opening.  Just based on the
seat of my pants and my ears, listening for that big sucking sound,
I never heat the WG opening early. It is only if the WG is opening
that you are losing any spool up time.  

Granted I am running a stock K26 which is pretty slow to spool up,
and K24 or other beasts with smaller hot sides may spool quicker,

I can see where it could help with shifts however.  Fun discussion.

paul timmerman