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Listers who "sell audi tweeks" AND Lister ages (2 threads in one!) (at least)

Thread 1:

Scott (QSHIPQ) wrote:
> I sell audi tweeks, so does Eric Fletcher, Chris Semple, Bob D'Amato,
> Graydon Stuckey, so do a bunch of others here

I want to commend all of us who abide by the non-advertising rule of the
q-list.  I'm glad we can (for the most part) be friends with a common
interest, rather than each others meal tickets.

However, I've been patiently waiting to hear about these items and
services some of us have to offer.  I've been here for a while now, and
I've only heard bits and pieces of who does what; STEADIRIC this,
something-or-another that.  I feel like I should know by now, rather
than waiting to catch on (like that "YMMV" thing, thanks Steven B., Arun
R., and co.).  Everyone's so good about not pushing their wares, that I
just have to ask:

Any listers with somethin' of interest to Audi's, go ahead and send me a
email describing such.  Enquiring minds want to know!

Thread 2:

Graham Thackrah wrote:
> I am in my early 20's and <snip> responsibility just seems to creep up on you after turning 21.

I'm always surprised to hear about other Listers in their 20's.  For
some reason, I feel like most of us are older than that.  I'm 24.  How
old are some of you guys and gals?

Also, while I'm at it, a bunch of responses (hope the separator lines
don't confuse us on the digest):
Huw Powell wrote:
<Duane> Just bolted the Sparco brace on 4Q - doesn't clear 'vacuum'
<Huw> I'm more worried about the battery (BIG Interstate) and the brake
<Huw> ... guess if they weren't in your way...

Huw:  Duane's battery is in the trunk 'cos of the turbo motor, so no
prob with that.

Joe Rae wrote:
What is the little badge on some audi's?  Looks like the BMW M series

Joe, I think it might be the 'Audi Sport' badge, or the S2/S4 thing my
friend has.  BTW, is Rusty (the return mail name) the same guy I talked
to on the phone regarding the 4kq parts car w/no title?
Mike Veglia wrote:
> Any q-listers going to the WC race at the CA speedway this weekend?

Mike, what's that about?  I live in Antelope Valley.

I hope that's not too much stuff at once.  My sincere apologies if it
is, just let me know.  Hey, I'll just leave out most of my sig. ;-)


Ken <'86 C-GT/'85 4kq/'94 SL2>