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RE: Cops Tailgating

Oh how I miss the constitution. Here in Holland they don't even need 
probable cause to pull you over. More than once I've been stopped in
the midle of the night, after being tailgated for miles, for a routine
check, and of course the complimentary breathalizer, which I always 

- Keep the faith

- Douglas

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>Do they have the right to search the car without a search warrant?

Maybe not, but they still do it.  They have the gun....

I was stopped at about 3 AM last summer, no ticket.  The officer decided
since I looked suspicious and reeked of smoke (hanging out at local coffee
shop) I might be one of them there troublemakers.  He wanted me to sign a
waiver (!) allowing him to search the car, I said for simplicity's sake that
I would get out of his way but I wasn't signing anything and weren't there
some constitutional issues here?  He didn't know what I was talking about.

So I'm standing by the car, he's alone leaning into it checking the glovebox
with me behind him!  If I was what he thought I was he sure wasn't being
careful with his life etc.!

Eventually another cop arrives, has an attitude (tries to stop me from
helping with the trunk lid which they couldn't figure out how to open).

So in the end I leave, no ticket, just a good laugh at these slobs and their

They didn't even find the 35-40 generic Ibuprofen (awful back pain, better
now) I had stashed in a film can in the driver's door storage bucket.  What

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers

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