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Re: age

Oh, well...

I am 38 (almost)...

It would be indeed cool to have my new A6 as I was 24.
It did not happen at that time. My salary was enough
to buy probably a fuse in my car - on the credit,
of course :^(

On the other side, we had wonderful and fast and cheap
trains. I went all the way from Budapest to West Berlin
and than through Warsaw to Beijing and Guangzhou.
We slept in the 1st class sleeper all the way and spent
ca. $100 (yes, a mere hundred Bucks!) for the roundtrip
pro person.

Today the same trip would cost one "zero" more after the
"100". If I would go on the CalTrain from San Jose to
San Mateo (NOT San Francisco!) I spend the same $$ as for
a Budapest <---> Berlin R/T.

San Jose <---> San Francisco is equal in $ to Budapest <-->
Moscow roundtrip we used to pay in the begin of 80s.