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Re: Brake pressure build-up, advice needed.

Steinbru@VNET.IBM.COM wrote:
> My recently acquired '87 CGT really likes to go.  Now, occasionally, it
> has taken to stopping on it's own!  It seems that pressure builds up in
> the brake lines.  All four wheels get braked.  If the car sits, the
> pressure goes away after 20min to an couple of hours.  Sometimes the
> pedal travel is increased after this.  Friday I relieved the pressure by
> loosening the four brake line fitting at the MC, and the pedal relaxed
> somewhat.  Pedal travel was normal, and the brakes were not dragging.
> What could be causing this?  --Gary
Gary--did you ever solve your dragging brake problem?.  I have a
similiar problem on my 89 200T, which is heat related.  All brakes start
dragging.  Some have said that a bad bomb can cause this.  My brake
warning light blinks when I jab the brakes but have not had a lack of
boost except when they start dragging, then the pedal gets hard. 
Another lister, Mr. Russell, also had the same problem.  As I had a
Netscape crash, I lost his and other addresses. 
 I thought the bomb regulates boost supply and not brake line pressure,
or does it somehow mess up your servo if the relief valve leaks?  I
recently flushed my brake fluid and have only had the system real hot
once, when it seemed OK.  Not confident htis fixed it.  Any input would
be appreciated. 
RC Ringlien