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re: V6 engine reliability?

At 10:40 PM 6/19/97 -0400, Yves Bordeleau wrote:
>Mine is a '93 90SQ (canadian), with 150k kilo (94k miles). One head
>gasket replaced. The other one seems to be coming soon (1 very stiff
>spark plug, not removed...). Power steering hose, one cat. replaced,
>lots of gaskets/seals replaced.
>About 22 mpg.
>Castrol Syntech 5/50 all year, every 6k miles. 1 quart at 3k.
>K&N filter improved response  alot (previous was very dirty...)
>Rear calipers stuck (no parking brakes): maintenance.
>Need to be revved above 2750 rpm to get some response.
>Excellent car on snow.

So... That sounds like reasonable reliability to me, no? After 94K miles,
you'd expect *something* to need fixing, right?


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