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Re: FS: 874KQ in NY

Allan Jones wrote:

> > It is Sapphire metallic 69,000 miles, new clutch a year and
> > a half ago.....
>         Wow! A clutch was needed A YEAR AND A HALF AGO AND there's ONLY 69K
> miles on it! Estimate: thus a new clutch was NEEDED at ONLY 50K miles!!
> That is not normal! What happened?

Simple. Plastic clutch release sleeve. The one in my ur-q was toast at
50K miles. The replacement clutch release sleeve is steel and never
wears out. But since you have to remove the clutch to replace it, it
makes sense to replace the entire clutch. The whole clutch kit is only
$200 and change. This is what I did. There was probably nothing wrong
with the clutch - that stupid plastic sleeve just wore out.


Bryan Gunn
'85 ur-q with STEEL clutch release sleeve.