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Re: [QTC]: Outer CV boot/half shaft repair thoughts ...

Steve wrote:

>...I realized that I should be able to access the outer CVs when
>I pull the struts without having to disconnect the half shaft at the drive
>flange.  Has anyone done it this way before?...

Yep! I live on the east coast. Two winters ago we had significant
snowfall. The office was closed due to the snow but that didn't stop
the Quattro from frequent runs to replenish the stock of libations
(the office was closed for 4 consecutive days so I intentinally underbought
so I would have an excuse to go back out).

Anyway, I digress with fond memories.  Tore both outside front boots.
Pulled the the strut and went to work without removing the entire half-shaft.
Worked fine but my CVJs took a lot of persuading to come off.  So much
so that I noticed on the drivers side that I pulled the shaft out of
the inner about 1/8".   I don't seem to have any problems as a result.
Been that way for about 50K mIles with no abnormal tire wear soooo...


Mark Pollan '86 5KCSTQ 226K Miles