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A4 Rallye 4 harness installation instructions.

Jason, this could be a FAQ.
- Bob

Follow to all instructions and warnings given the Schroth manual! The
follow is my experience, YMMV. I am not responsible for your
installation, and I have no affiliation with Schroth.

Instructions for how I installed a Schroth Rallye 4 harness in my A4.

Time: about 1 hour
Tools: A Phillips screwdriver, a 17mm socket, a torque wrench.

Received the harness, and started looking around in the car for the
mount points. It because obvious the 3 of the 4 mount points would be
easy, and the fourth, the right-hand side of the drivers seat, would
require removing the seat. (more on that later).

Before you remove the rear seat, notice where the seat belt hardware
exits the seat (on the drivers side). 

        - The shoulder belt is between the two cushions nearest the
          door. The harness belt will exit here also.
        - The buckles exit in a notch in the seat. The other side of
          the harness will exit to the inside of these buckles.

You will have the play with the configuration of the rear belt to make
sure its not twisted when installation is complete. My belt is not
twisted, and the release buckle is facing up.

To access both rear mounts you must first remove the rear seat. Very
easy to do, just lift on the front of the seat, and remove. Here you
will see the four seat belt mounting bolts. These will be the same
anchor points you will use. 

   Note: I mounted all the Schroth mounting brackets on the outside
   (top) of all stock anchor brackets. This is because the standard
   brackets have raised dots that lock into depressions in the frame.

The mount points are as follows with instructions:

  1. Left rear
        The drivers side rear shoulder belt anchor bolt, nearest the
        door. Remove the anchor bolt and belt bracket. The Schroth
        bracket must be mounted pointed toward the rear (and up) of
        the car. If pointed forward, the belt will put unnecessary
        force on the back seat. I rotated the stock bracket to point
        at about one o'clock position, and the Schroth bracket
        pointing at about eleven o'clock. Tighten the bolt per the
        Schroth directions.

  2. Right Rear 
        The driver side rear buckle mount point under the rear
        seat. This assembly contains the buckles for both the rear
        drivers side and middle seat belt buckles. There is a square
        assembly that the anchor bolt penetrates. Remove the bolt, and
        reassemble with the Schroth bracket on top. For this mount you
        will need to bend the Schroth bracket to almost a 90 degree
        angle. To complete this mount I did two things:
        1. Mounted the Schroth bracket pointing directly at the
           drivers side rear door. Tighten the bolt, and pull up on
           the Schroth belt, bending the bracket to almost a 90 degree
           (up) angle.
        2. Loosen the bolt, and reposition the bracket 180 degrees
           from step 1. The bracket should be parallel to the stock
           seat belt buckles, that are pointing up. This will allow
           the Schroth belt to exit the rear seat in the same place as
           the buckles.
        Tighten the bolt per the Schroth directions.

   Replace the rear seat.

  3. Left Front
        The standard driver's seat belt mount point at the bottom of
        the B pillar. To access this anchor point, you must first
        remove the trim that runs the length of the interior. First
        remove the floor board kick panel. To do this remove the two
        screws that hold it in. One is under a cover towards the
        bottom, the other is near the hood release.

        This allow access to the long trim that runs the length of
        both doors. To remove this, firmly pull up. It is held in
        place by several metal clips, that secure into the body. Where
        the trim meets the b pillar, there are plastic clips that are
        part of the lower trim that attach to the B pillar
        trim. Carefully remove. There are more metal clips from the B
        pillar back. Move the seat as far forward for easy access.

        Remove the bolt, secure the bracket and reassemble. The
        bracket will bend as you re-tighten the bolt. You'll probably
        have to pull on both belts to keep them from twisting while
        tightening. Reassemble the trim pieces.

  4. Right Front 
        Ahh yes. From looking at the power seat I have, the thought of
        removing it was less then exciting. Which is what you would
        have to do to access the anchor point for the buckle. If you
        are interested, I've included a message from Keleigh Hardie
        about how to do this (see below). 

        I, on the other hand opted not to do this. Upon further
        inspection of the Schroth Rallye 4, the belt that connects
        from the RF anchor bracket to the rest of the harness is about
        18" long, and can be easily removed. Because the Schroth
        harness is build using standard 3" belts, I decided to replace
        that anchor strap with a middle, rear lap belt from a junk-yard
        Audi. ($10 Look for one without an adjustable buckle, but
        rather one where the buckle is sewn in and attached and the
        belt is attached to a retractor). Just unthread the Schroth
        anchor belt, and replace with the Audi lap belt. Attach to the
        standard drivers seat buckle. Because the harness is not bound
        on all four corner, this also has the advantage of being able
        to stow the entire harness neatly behind the drivers seat when
        not in use.

From: "Keleigh Hardie" <hobbesian@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: Re: Removing the drivers seat. 97 A4Q
To: <bob@synxis.com>
Cc: "Quattro List" <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 21:52:10 -0700

Run the seat all the way forward and remove the plastic trim bits at the
aft end of the tracks. Now, run the seat all the way back, and remove the
plastic trim bits covering the bolts that hold down the front (careful with
these, they break if you take 'em off wrong). Remove the two bolts holding
down the front and lift the front and disconnect the wiring. Slid the seat
backwards out of the track, and try and get it out of the car without
sliming your carpeting or gouging your console. Good Luck!

88 80Q

PS. I was assuming you have power seats. I they are manual, the
instructions are the same except the front has only a small metal clip
limiting rearward movement. Squeeze and remove...

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