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Re: Quattro or no Quattro

In message <ant210806b49a*qQ@sparkg.wave.co.nz> Greg Spark writes:

> In article <866640001snz@sievers.com>, Phil Payne
> <URL:mailto:quk@sievers.com> wrote:
> >
> > When braking, and steering with no throttle, a quattro is just the same as any
> > other car.
> Actually I can't agree with this, Phil. When cornering on a trailing throttle
> the decelerative force from engine braking is spread over four wheels in
> exactly the same way as when accelerating. This gives far greater stability
> and balance and the car is far less likely to suffer lift-off oversteer,
> a common cause of skidding out. This was dramatically demonstrated at a
> quattro experience day I attended where three cars(BMW7, Jag, A6q) entered
> a wet bend on trailing throttle at 80kph. Result: Total spin out of 2WDers
> and no fuss from the A6.

No - you're right to disagree - I was generalising on the assumption of
very slippery pavement.  One of the truly wonderful things about a
quattro (especially, but not exclusive to, an ur-quattro) is the
confidence factor at a traffic island.  Any and all vectors are available.

 Phil Payne

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