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re: Motorcyles, cars, American driving sucks

"Did you ever notice how everyone driving slower than you is an Asshole
and everyone driving faster is a maniac?"- George Carlin


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Will Gadd said:
>There's a basic concept missing from most of America's driving:
>cooperation. Many of the comments on this list about motorcycles say things
>like, "I work hard to keep a space around my car, why should a motorcyle
>invade it? I'll just ---- with him by sticking my arm out." This sounds
>almost exactly like people driving along in the left lane and saying, "I'm
>going the speed limit, I'll just sit here and back up traffic for miles.
>It's my god-given right."

[lotsa good stuff snipped]

Well said!!!!

I'll add another symptom of American driver neurosis: The reaction of
drivers that a passer's attempt to pass--even in an available lane--is a
challenge to, or a putdown off, the passee's manhood or womanhood.

Yesterday, I pulled up behind a Honda Civic as we both slowed to a halt in
a line of traffic at a stoplight. Light turns green. All cars ahead pull
out; gap of about 75 ft appears in front of the stationary Honda; I count
to three, signal and swing over into the left (a center turning lane) in
order to pull around stationary Honda [no looks exchanged, no screech of
tires--I'm in my '89 100 slushomatic ;-0]. As I pull back into the
righthand lane there is are several long blasts of a horn and I see in
rearview mirror--100 ft back--the woman in Honda giving me the one-finger
salute as she slowly makes a right turn at the light! Somehow I had
offended her?

In a related vein I have noted over the years (don't know if it's unique to
this country (US)) there is quite often a negative reaction to attempts to
safely overtake a vehicle moving below the posted speed limit on a two-lane
residential roadway. The frequent reaction (teens and grandparents alike)
is to floor the pedal to prevent you from overtaking.

Well, if the citizenry of this country can't yet cope with the thought of a
distinction between public service and personal sex life, why expect mature
driving habits. Now, adultery while driving--that's probably OK.

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