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In Holland byciclists are the worst!

Imagine your frustration at an intersection were you
have the green and your faced with an endless stream
of bikes coming accross on the red! And then you try 
to nudge your way through, only to get various Dutch
insults and swears hurled at you by the people runnin' 
the light.

- Douglas

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> Don't _even_ get me started on bicyclists. I live in Boston, right next to 
> a bike path, so I see a lot of bikes. I can't remember the last time I saw 
> a person on a bike wait for a red light, or walk their bike across a 
> crosswalk, or get off the bike when they go on a sidewalk. Most bicyclist 
> around here expect to be treated like a car by other cars, but also like 
> pedestrians, which they are not.

BTW, all the above but running red lights is LEGAL for bicyclists in the
Seattle area.

I am not saying all bike riders are like 
> this, just 99% of the ones I see around where I live. The sad part is that 
> as pitiful as US drivers are, bicycle riders are even more ignorant of the 
> rules of the road/sidewalk.

It unfortunately true that too many are ignorant of the law and ride

I have to add that like some speed limits are universally ignored by
cars, some rules in some areas are universally ignored by bicyclists
(a certain run of stop signs on the Burke Gilman Trail come to mind).
Let him who is without sin...


PS: said stop signs stop trail traffic across streets/driveways which carry
virtually zero vehicular traffic... usage is probably 1000:1 in favor of
the trail, but it is trail users that are supposed to stop.

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