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Re: Everyone's age

>You're just a young whippersnapper, Andrew.  :-)
>I'll be 60 on November 25.  I figure there are others well beyond my age.
>Bart and I are pretty close in age.  I couldn't tell you for sure which of
>us is older but any difference will be in months not years.  Heaven's, I've
>been *married* 38 years tomorrow.
>At 12:59 AM 6/20/97 EDT, you wrote:
>> > Well I will start out because I am probably the youngest! I turn
>> > 19 in november!
>>I'll be 48 on June 24.
>>--Andrew Buc, Seattle, WA; Internet: 72220.443@compuserve.com
>   Bob

So I'm about in the middle at 42...Gee, Darrin..wish I could have had an S4
when I was in college.  (Although my old '69 Triumph GT6+ was probably
better at attracting the opposite sex...and it had way more "personality"
than my Ur-q).


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