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20V Idle Stabilization Valve

Well, looks like after 115,000 miles my ISV is finally starting to go.  
Car is erratic about returning to idle between shifts; RPM is sporatically
hanging up.   Disconecting ISV eliminated RPM hangup, cleaning valve
with dereaser didn't cure problem.  No fault codes noted when go through
shop manual description of downloading trouble codes.

Coupe Quattro is an early model with the Hitachi style of ISV.  When I talked
to the parts person at local dealer, he indicated that this valve was no
available; that I would have to get one for newer car.  This bothers me,
since it
looks like there is a wholly different hose layout and mounting system for
new ISV vs. mine.

Parts guy couldn't tell me all that was needed (just valve, or another $x00
in parts beside valve?).

Anybody done this?  Any help from the trenches?

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro (serial no. -8B1LA000691)