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Re: Audi news

Tom Nas wrote:
> Hi all,
> This week's Dutch AutoWeek reviews the first V6 2.5TDI, in the A8. It's
> considered to be about the perfect engine for this car, being quick (9.9s
> 0-60mph), quiet and torquey. The Tiptronic disappointed, but the 6-spd
> manual was considered to be very good.
> Audi's going to introduce a lot of new cars this year. First there's
> (probably) a slightly revised A8, and the A8 TDI mentioned earlier. The end
> of October will see the introduction of the S4 and S4 Avant, and the S3 is
> rumoured to come out at the same time, along with the 5-door A3. In
> December we'll see the new A6 Avant.
> Remember, all these are European launch dates. No furter announcements
> about the rest of the world...
> Bye,
> Tom
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Hm... Will they EVER have an "A8 Avant"??? Or who is for a BIG, MEAN
is a total pervert?

George Rath (a total pervert)