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Re: Intercooler coolers...

I've often thought of doing this myself,
Question. Is a coupe hood the same as a URQ?

Also I've seen some German Imported UrQs with what looks
like replica Sport hoods. Pretty cool.

Does any body know who made or,(hopefully), makes these?

- Douglas

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<< the IC isn't the only thing that benefits from additional cooling ... if
 check, you'll see the intake manifold gets pretty hot, too, as do the hoses
 from the turbo to IC and IC to throttle body >>

      You could always get a donor hood,  cut a hole in it, go to the
junkyard and look at a few cars that have hood vents in them and put them on
your car.  Actually,  find the vent of choice first, then cut the hole.  ;-)
 Two of us in the Great lakes region have done this to our UrQs'.
 Unbelievable is the amount of heat that is purged from the engine
compartment.  We seemed to have good luck with vents from assorted years of a
datsun "Z"  But next time I may get a pair from a new Gran Prix,  they look
pretty cool too (no pun intended).

Just a thought, I know not everybody wants to cut a hole in their hood, but
I'm no purist. 


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