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Re: v6 reliability

> Have you read the threads baout the
> quattro system and it's superior handling abilities. I love my quattro.
>                                                 Thanks for the info. OJPD
>                                                         93 90sq

We have a '87 5000CS TQ which just had its 10th birthday party!
Yes, quattros are quite confidence inspiring.  When we bought our '93
we were living in Houston TX.  I nearly bought this car with Q,
but  opted not to because:

1. Bev has back problems and prefers auto tranny.  This was especially
in Houston's stop and go traffic.

2. An auto tranny in Quattro lowers 0-60 times by about 1 sec.  and I
wanted to
  keep acceleration as acceptable as possible (its now at about 10 sec,
while our
'87 TQ was at 7.7 sec.)

3. No winter driving in TX

4. Save a couple grand to apply to a '98 Audi S6!!!!

Well, the next year we were transferred back to Illinois and now I wish
we had Q with heated