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Parts for 1992 Audi V8 automatic

I have a 1992 Audi V8 (automatic) which is generally pretty satisfactory,
but I do need a few things for it, so if anyone can help with either parts
or advice
I would be grateful.

Need a pump for the locking/alarm system, Audi part 4A0 862 257J.  They
seem rather expensive new, so if anyone has a good used one they are 
willing to part with . . . . 

Lens for the rear light, driver's side.  Mine is cracked and will shortly
start letting in water.

Finally, advice on springs, wheels and tires.  I would like to lower the
car no
more than 1" (I drive every week in Montreal, where speed bumps abound and
potholes are large and deep) but the aftermarket springs all seem to lower
the car too much, while the Audi sports package lowers it about right but
is expensive.  I did find a used Audi sport package in Germany, but though
it started off at the right price, by the time freight, duty and taxes was
it came to almost as much as a new one.  As far as tires are concerned, 
has anyone fitted 245/45x16's?  The 225/50x16's look a little weird, but
that may be because of the large gap between tire and fender.

I don't get the digest any more, because it started getting so large that
computer would download it as a file in a format that I could not read, so
anyone has any suggestions to offer, could they e-mail me directly:


Thanks in anticipation!

Dennis Jones.