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Re: Intercooler coolers...

In a message dated 97-06-22 09:19:04 EDT, audidudi@delphi.com (Jeffrey J.
Goggin) writes:

<< n my case since doing this isn't legal
 for the class I'm competing in ... besides, why cut up a perfectly good
 steel hood when Todd Candey can sell you one made from carbon-fiber that has
 a Quattro Sport vent molded in?  >>

   The best reason for doing it the way I described is the cost factor.
 Junkyard 4000 and coupe hoods are very cheap as are the donor vents. I paid
 a whopping $5.00 for my vent.  I even put it in my original hood since it
was sh*t anyway.  If I get around to a full paint job I will then look harder
at the Carbon fiber hood.  I have talked to Todd about fenders AND the hoods.
 I can't see spending ~ $2000.00 for a hood and fenders. I'm in business too,
but I don't agree with most on the fact that carbon fiber should cost as much
as it does.

Is it really illegal to put a vent in your hood for that class?  If so, an
aftermarket hood must be equally illegal.