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Purpose of this list?

Lately I've considered joining the ranks of the uninformed and unsubscrlbing
from the list due to the amount of wasted BW in the last year or so.  I
recently talked to a former list member who has left for the same reason and
just felt like venting some frustration.

I joined the list about two years ago and was amazed by the amount of
information available.  I do all my own work on my cars and have therefore
learned a lot of "tricks of the trade" the hard way on my past six Audis.
  If there was a qlist eight years ago, I would have been able to save myself
many hours of frustration hunting down sticking brake MCs, flakey sensors,
sticky ISVs, broken manifold studs and all those special tools I now know are
just a phone call away.

But alas, talk of late has been centered on very few actually relavent
topics, with a few listers posting what is on their mind each day.  Sorry,
not interested, that's what chat rooms are for.

When I post to the list, I generally have a PURPOSE. Either I wish to share
 correct what I _know_ to be a gross error in a post, or ask for assistance
or opinions about topics I believe a good portion of listers will be
interested in.  Perhaps other listers have more spare time to wade through
the flotsom and pluck out that occasional gem, but not I. Now it seems that
perhaps it would be better to spend more time in the garage and less looking
at the monitor. 

Oh no, now I'm doing it... Well, I better go then. Out for now.

Steve Eiche,   feeling old and grumpy at 31 years of age.
'82 Not So Ur q 3B to be 
Englewood, CO