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Carbon fiber hood / fenders

	Years ago I had a plastic front on a drag car and was impressed by
the weight reduction.  Under the old rule of thumb that a 100 pounds
shaved is .10 second saved in the quarter, the plastic helped, along with
no interior, no glass windows, huge aluminum wheel wells, fiberglass trunk
lid, plastic bumpers, small fuel cell, etc.  With the fasteners, fitment
of most aftermarket body parts was, at best, not the best.  

	As mentioned by Eric though, carbon, fiberglass, plastic, all give
something back when it comes to "crashworthiness".  Helps to have that
Indy car engineering when you wreck it:)  Also, most insurance companies
will find it very interesting when you wreck your Audi [I hope you never
do] and the adjuster sees what you have in place of the German metalworks,
especially if you have not disclosed it prior to the crash / claim.  

	As with anything, best to know what you are getting before you get