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Any Coupes with Titanium Window Tint in Boston or NYC Area

Mark suggests that you first check out a car with the tint to see whether
you like it.

So, does anyone have a Coupe in the Boston or NY area with the titanium

Does anyone have experience putting a strip of non-titanium tint in the
middle of the rear window to allow radar to go thru?

Thx.  glenn

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>Eric writes:
>>Info I am after:  what brand/type of tinting is best?  What is the
>>likelihood of bubbling or scratching of the film?  What is up with this
>>"titanium" tint people are talking about?
>One caveat when you get your windows tinted ... even the best films
>(supposedly optically 'correct') show some optical distortion.  This
>is only really noticable on sharply-sloped windows (i.e. the rear
>window) where you look through the film at an angle.  Even worse,
>rear defogger traces compound this, as they lie on the surface of
>the rear window, and the tint-film (and it's 'glue') form a tent
>over the trace and thus a series of long optically-distorting lenses
>along the trace lines!  I found it pretty annoying when using my
>rear-view mirror.
>I would heartily suggest that anyone thinking of getting a tint
>on their car, first check out the car of a friend/neighbor/relative
>with tinted windows (preferably the same type of car) to see if
>they want to proceed.
>-Mark Quinn