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Cruise Fixum

I got my cruise control working last weekend and thought the 
work-around might help others.

Problem: The cruise control brake cutoff switch on the 200 
series is designed to be mounted ONCE - and once only.  If your 
problem is not a vacuum loss, it might well be the switch backing out 
of position.

The switch itself has threadlike serrations on the exterior.  It 
inserts into a tubular plastic fitting which has two teeth on the end 
facing the brake pedal.  Once the cruise control switch has been 
inserted into the fitting, the brake pedal is pulled back manually 
(against the switch) to seat the switch at its proper depth.  The 
teeth on the tubular fitting engage the serrations on the cruise 
switch and hold it in place.

Problem is, this is designed to be a one-time install.  If you have 
to pull the cruise brake cutoff switch out and re-insert it, it wears 
out the fitting's teeth VERY quickly.  The switch will probably slide 
backwards pretty soon - meaning the cruise will no longer work simply 
because the cutoff switch which contacts the brake pedal has backed 
out too far.

I looked at this for some time before I figured out a simple 
solution.  I found it.  A hose clamp about 1 inch in diameter...just 
the same as for the fuel injector hose on my 280ZX.

Remove the knee bar/panel, and then the AC vent which goes from left 
to right above the driver's foot.  (Can't get enough clearance 
with it in the way.)  Lie on your back under the dash,  and press the 
brake pedal as far down as possible - while you slide the hose clamp 
over the end of the plastic fitting with the teeth on it.

Carefully slide the cruise switch forward until you see it is 
depressed - but not so far forward as to release pressure on the 
brake light switch, directly above it.

Tighten the hose clamp, pressing the teeth on that stupid fitting 
firmly against the cruise control cutoff switch!!

HAH!  The cruise switch can no longer back out unless I release the 
hose clamp.  And my cruise worked for the first time in two months.

It's the itty bitty victories, folks.........

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