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Re: Age and Flashing Headlights

The consensus seems that I act older than I look.  Which is good, because
most people think look 27-29.  I guess I'd be more flattered if I was a
woman.  Let's see, add 7-5 years, and that's how old I really am.  Didn't
think I'd let you off too easily.

And how did the "flash" to say "hi" start out (before it was the
"warning:smokey" signal.  Well, mostly it was with BMW 2002 types (of which I
was one in college).  We always flashed each other on the road as a "hello"
gesture, and while I really like my V8Q, still have fond memories of the cute
little car.  Yes, cute.  Which I'm happy to say, my V8Q is not!

-Ingo Rautenberg
'90 V8Q 174k (going to Mt Washington and Pike's Peak real soon)