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'87 5KTQ Window Brain?

The good news-just got a '87 5KTQ over the weekend nicely breaking in at
100k miles.  Easily the most powerful of all my audis and its still
stock :-))

The bad news-electric windows stopped working today.  Typical Audi
electrics.  However, the problem is not in the switches.  Seems I've got
a electronic brain somewhere-just touch the switch once and the window
rolls completely down. Press the "UP" side briefly to stop at any mid
position.  Or at least that's how it worked this morning.  With the car
sitting in the hot Silicon Valley sun, all the windows are firmly in the
up position-very difficult for toll booths!

So can anyone tell me where the brain is (no Bentley on this car yet)?


Tony (certified Audi nut now ;))

'87 5KTQ 100k-great AC or I'd die of suffocation
'85 4KCSQ 163k-with new clutch
'80 5ks 92k-about to get new timing belt and w.p.
Tony Lum			mailto:tlum@ascor-inc.com
Systems Administrator		Ascor, Inc.