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Re: Leaded fuel - EC ban - Low Audi content

On Mon, 23 Jun 1997, Ian J Haseltine wrote:

> Can anyone confirm :-
> 	1) Is this true?

Ive heard the same thing, which is why Im considering droping a 20V motor 
> 	2) Is it possible to run an Ur quattro on lead free and if so what 	mods are 
> required (if any)?
I gather you either tip a bottle of `lead additive' in your tank 
everytime you fill up, or you get certain parts of your cylinder head 

> This together with the possible 'green' taxes promised by our new PM could 
> make Ur quattro ownership an even more costly pleasure in the future.
It makes me fu@king mad that they keep putting the price of petrol up to 
"stop ppl using their cars".
Im not the most travelled person in Britain, but I do know that if you 
live in, say, London, then you don't really need a car, as there is a 
decent public transport system in place. 

It would appear that the present governemnt is determind to make us 
"rural country folk" suffer just because they base all their environmental 
issues on shitty, crappy, stinking London. If I want to go out anywhere, 
I *have* to use my car because there is no public transport to speak of, and
even if there was, I doubt it would go to the places I want to go to. To go to
the cinema for example, I have to drive 25 miles, which takes me 20/25 
mintues. If I were to go to the cinema on PT, I claim it would take me 2 
hours plus, and then I would not be able to get home until the next morning.

If they really want to stop ppl using their cars (by this I presume 
stopping ppl driving to work in "the cities"), then they need to 
tax/penalise the ppl that do so. Maybe inner city tolls would do the 
trick. But to keep hiking up the price of petrol makes me want to punch 
the bast@rds in the face. Its about time they pulled their heads out of 
their backsides and actually found out how "real" people live, not just 
everyone south of Watford. 

 !!@#$$#@! !@#%^$%#^#@$ ^&$%&^%$%$^%# rant rant 

Michael Burton
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