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RE: Audi Turbo boost-up, The KNOB!

Kari Tihonen wrote:


	>I do not know how much power I have (250-300hp?), >but my hood
	>at least 10" higher when this new power hits the >road! I was
	>sure this much fun can not last very long, but now >after quite
a time
	>it's still running pretty smooth. If YOU want to >show those
	>Vettes what a 4 door German family car can do, get 
	>one!   :)

You wish you had 300hp :-) With 1.8 bar of boost you have probably
something around 220hp.

	>Technically I was running with 1.3 bar pressure >before, but
	>I have an adjustable 'knob' which propably can go as >high as I
	>ever could want to. First I used 1.8 bar, then went >down to
	>but now I'm back with 1.8 again. I remember someone >here
	>after 1.95 bar there will be some trouble... Only >problem I
	>had this far was a sudden leak on pressure line but >that was
	>easy fix.
	>for manual transmission but mine is automatic - 

Be careful, those trannys are known to be at their operating limits
already with stock engine. If it was my car, I wouldn't go higher than
1.6 bar and install the external ATF cooler if you like to make use of
increased power often. Otherwise you can damage your tranny.