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Re: Horrible noise from wastegate area.....

At 11:14 AM 6/23/97 -0000, Pearce,MR,NAIC4,PEARCEM3 M wrote:
>Fellow listers,
>I think I need to draw on your collective wisdom, with respect to a
>harsh, metallic noise coming from the turbo/wastegate area on my 1984
>Ur-q. The symptoms are as follows...
>Under normal driving conditions, everything is as it should be, engine
>pulls to red line, no smoke, no misfire. Under *hard* acceleration,
>mainly in second gear, less in first and third, a *loud* ZINGGGGGGG
>sound emanates from around the wastegate area, co-incidentally at full
>boost. Backing off the throttle stops the noise. I don't get this noise
>at full boost in fourth or fifth. The noise is constant in frequency,
>I'd guess at between 100-200 Hz. ish. The noise does not affect the
>car's performance, other than making me back off through mechanical
>Everything seems screwed together. Possible thoughts...
>Turbo blades on casing due to excess spindle play at full boost, but no
>swarf in I/C pipe.
>Wastegate somehow faulty... maybe diaphragm related?
>Soggy engine mounts causing some problem (hence mainly in lower gears,
>engine flexes less in higher gears?)
>Anyone heard anything like this before???
>Yours perplexedly,
>Malc Pearce.
>check turbine blades for bent or broken blade, damage to housing,broken
studs,see if turbine blades touch housing when manually pushed and pulled.
look fo wear marks.