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Re: Wanted Combination Switch - '86-'88 5000s

hnuuhiwa@ccmailpc.ctron.com wrote:
>      Hi gang....
>      Anybody out there have a combination switch for the turn signals,
>      headlights, cruise control, etc. from an '86 to '88 5000.  I need to
>      replace the one on my '88 5000s.  The one from my '86 that I just
>      parted out was also not operational - too bad.  Anyway, if anyone has
>      one, let me know.... also how much you want for it..its a bear not
>      being able to drive at night (headlights won't go on).
>      Also, I've been having a very intermittent problem with my driver side
>      power window.  Sometimes it just decides not to work.  For instance,
>      driving out of my parking lot, the auto down works fine (gotta swipe
>      the card to get out).  Once out, I'll put the window up, and less than
>      a half an hour later the window won't go down when I get to the
>      Jack-in-The-Box drive thru (maybe it doesn't want me eating 99 cent
>      Jumbo Jacks!).  Anyway, after I get back to my parking lot, it decides
>      to work...  Hmmm very strange.  Short of checking the length of the
>      wiring for a break, does anyone have any other ideas.  I did notice
>      that when the window was not operating, whenever I depressed the
>      switch, it sounded like a relay under the dash engaged.  Any ideas
>      would be appreciated....its kinda like playing Russian
>      Roulette...don't know when it'll happen again!
>      Hen


I dont't have a combo switch, but have an idea for you.  Try German Auto
Salvage in Berkeley, CA  510-525-6000  I was in there last week and they
brought out a box of them for a cute gal looking for one for her 80/90. 
They seem to have just about everything.

Jeremy Walters
San Ramon, CA