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interesting source for intercooler cooling setup, other stuff

I know this thread is getting old, but I was going through all my old
messages from the list(about 1500!) and found the discussion about extra
wishy-washy(very technical term here) tanks, pumps, and the set of jets in
front of the intercooler.  So, I dig out my father's JC(Just Crap) Whitney
catalog, and behold, you can get a huge tank, tubing, pump, and two jets
for about $20.
Here's the really interesting(and cool) part!  They have 3 options:
1)vertical tank 2)horizontal tank 3)some sort of tough plastic FLEXIBLE
tank!  You can stick it just about anywhere that's cool!  Best part is,
it's cheaper...$15.

OK, second part.
The little jets are designed for making streams, not sprays, so I would
suggest a fine screen in front of the jets(ever tried to fire a
super-soaker through a screen in a window?  Doesn't work so hot.) and put
them on either side of the intercooler, facing outwards a little.  Why?
Well, if you've got a good enough boost to trigger the system, you're
probably going at least 20, so the wind will blow the spray back into the
intercooler, and you'll get a better distribution, I should think.

Third part:
I realized how easy it would be to make up a little intercooler
"effectiveness" meter...go out to Rat Shack and buy two thermistors,
install one at the entrance to the intercooler, one at the exit, and the
rest is pretty easy to make a very sensitive differential thermometer.

Fourth part:
someone mentioned that they usually did water injection right onto the
turbine.  Silly question perhaps, but wouldn't the sudden change in
temperature cause all sorts of nasties?(another extremely technical term.)
On the other hand, is the quantity of water you're spraying insignificant,
so it doesn't cool the blades that much?


Brett Dikeman
dikemanb@edison.ma.ultranet.com	dikemanb@stu.beloit.edu
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