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error fuel level reading

In message <> "R.Wiratorn" writes:

[excuse reformatting]

>     The digital on board computer of my S4 ( the one that calculate
>     the distance the car can go with the amount of fuel left in the tank
>     show "E" ( empty ) while the analog fuel gauge just reach the 1/2 point.

>     I refill the gas and I able to put 44 liters into the tank.
>     The guy at dealer said that the on board computer is gone, they change
>     it and charge me $600...!!

>     Why  isn't it as durable as I thought ? I'm just not sure
>     that it's really the right way to fix it. May be they change it
>     because they don't know what else could cause this problem. I'll
>     see if it show "E" too soon again with the new expensive computer.

Does the distance _suddenly_ drop to "E" from something like 200 miles, or does 
it read incorrectly with a full tank?
In the first case, I would suggest the sender unit in the tank is defective.  
In the second case, I would suspect a calibration problem and not a bad 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club