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Re: interesting source for intercooler cooling setup, other stuff

Brett made three (or four?) points. 

1.) J.C Witless has a kit for cheap with a tank, pump, hose, sprayer.

Lots of options here.  I used an Audi Part out of a junkyard
for less than $15.00.  I happened to have an extra.  Not even $15.

2.) But the jets aren't to cool (they spray a fine stream).

There are lots of options for jets.  I have not yet found an ideal
solution, where pressure and flow are perfectly matched. Mostly I
am looking for lower capacity spray heads that give good atomization
at modest pressures.  Not so easy to find.

3.)  Radio shack has temperature probes

There are a lot of temperature measurement chips available
today, such as LM35's (sic) but most of them I have seen are NOT
up to the temperatures that the turbo will put out.  For that reason
I went with TC's.

4.)  Question about spraying water upstream of the turbo.
The puddling is one issue, but the effect on the turbine
over time is another.  I think errosion may be an issue.
Probably fine for NA cars, but turbos?  Somebody talked about this
this winter or spring.

paul timmerman