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Sounds to me that you have a torque problem:  the engine is flexing on its
mounts, causing a heat shield or exhaust to rub on the various driveshafts...
Look at the heat shield over the half shaft on the passenger side, just below
the turbo.  From below, you should see it shiny and polished if it's been
rubbing.  Also check along the driveshaft/exhaust.

Chris Miller
'91 200q


<<I think I need to draw on your collective wisdom, with respect to a

harsh, metallic noise coming from the turbo/wastegate area on my 1984

Ur-q. The symptoms are as follows...

Under normal driving conditions, everything is as it should be, engine

pulls to red line, no smoke, no misfire. Under *hard* acceleration,

mainly in second gear, less in first and third, a *loud* ZINGGGGGGG

sound emanates from around the wastegate area, co-incidentally at full

boost. Backing off the throttle stops the noise. I don't get this noise

at full boost in fourth or fifth. The noise is constant in frequency,

I'd guess at between 100-200 Hz. ish. The noise does not affect the

car's performance, other than making me back off through mechanical


Everything seems screwed together. Possible thoughts...

Turbo blades on casing due to excess spindle play at full boost, but no

swarf in I/C pipe.

Wastegate somehow faulty... maybe diaphragm related?

Soggy engine mounts causing some problem (hence mainly in lower gears,

engine flexes less in higher gears?)

Anyone heard anything like this before???

Yours perplexedly,

Malc Pearce.>>>