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S4 details

I just purchased an S4 (and I just joined the list), and I wonder if
someone could help me with a few questions:

1) How many S4s were sold in the US (and worldwide) in each year of
production (92, 93, and 94)?

2) How many were sold in Canada during those years?

3) Are factory service manuals available from dealers, or must I get an
aftermarket manual?  If aftermarket, who publishes the best one?

4) Does anyone know of any inherent quirks or problems I should be
particularly aware of that plague S4s?

I live in Seattle and bought a Canadian car.  It has instruments in
metric units. I may want to convert to US gauges.  Does anyone have any
experience with this process?  Does anyone have any parts from a wrecked
S4?  Is there any source where I can learn *exactly* what is different
between my Canadian car and a US version?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Rob Scheibe