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Re: Steering pump questions

> Some weeks ago there was a post regaurding rebuild kits.  A part #, 026 198
> 049B, was included and the lister priced it at ~$15.  I called my Audi
> dealer today and asked for a price on a power steering rebuild kit and was
> quoted $70 for the kit, or $325 for an Audi rebuilt pump.  Can anyone point
> me towards a more reasonably priced source for this kit?  (I live in
> Virginia, USA, btw)

They are on drugs.  Linda at Carlsen will sell it for less than $30 and
I believe there are cheaper.

> What I think I'm going to do, since I don't have a second car to drive
> while I rebuild this pump, is buy a used pump from a junkyard and rebuild
> it, then pull the old pump and put in the rebuilt one.  My local junk yard
> says they have a used pump they'll give me for $45, so I think it's worth
> it.  I'll have a spare pump in case I run into trouble later.

That's a reasonable idea.  Make sure you get the right version of pump.
An early pump (part number ends in G) will not work well on an 86 or later
car.  Check the Bentley for details.

> My next concern is bleeding the system when I rebuild the pump.  Can one
> person handle bleeding the hydraulic system, and will I need any special
> tools to do it?

A funnel is useful and some rags, but that's all.  You pour fluid into
the inlet and turn the pump slowly by hand until fluid comes out of the
outlets, keeping the inlet topped up at all times. 

I'd replace all the hydraulic oil in the system while you are doing this.
You can drain the resevoir by removing the return line from the bomb.
Get ready with something to catch the oil in.  It's a rubber hose that
runs from the bottom of the resevoir.  Undo the clamp at the bomb
and let it drain.