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Re: Black A4 and MTM 210 test drive

On Jun 25,  8:57am,  Mark Shilling wrote:
> Subject: Re: Black A4 and MTM 210 test drive
> Although I've already commented on my black A4 (and the equally
> hard to keep clean Ti interior), I have to disagree with silver as
> being the best for looking good.  It may look cleaner longer but
> when my wifes silver Mitsubishi is dirty it looks 10x worse than
> the A4...

That's because it's a Mitsubishi.    :-)

There's another A4 here at work, a silver one.  The *only* time that
my car (emerald green mica) looks better is within 48 hours of
my having washed it.  All other times, the silver A4 looks much
cleaner.  Often, the only giveaway that the silver car is grimey
is the wheels.  The silver hides an amazing amount of crud.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q