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who owns what? (re: Porsche)

>  German members?  Doesn't VAG already own a lump of Porsche? >>
> Nope, but Ferdinand does.
>>*oops* If this is true, sorry about the mis information that I gave to a
>>couple of listers when I told them that Volks. AG owned both Audi and
>>- -Ramana

There seems to be much myth and confusion.

1) Audi, AG is a fully consolidated subsidiary of VAG (i.e.: VAG owns Audi
2) Porsche is an independent corporation
3) The Porsche family owns majority control of Porsche
4) ferdinand Piech is a member of the porsche family, and personally owns a
block of Porsche stock.  His mother owns more, I believe.

All WSJ -level info.