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NATCC Where's Audi and How Big Do Cars Have to Be?

While visiting the NATCC website (North American Touring Car) I found an
info page and threw a few questions at them. I figured you all might be
interested in the response.


I wrote:
          I heard there would be Audi entrants to the NATCC mid season. Is
true. There is a huge following among Audi enthusiasts for a North American
 Audi racing program.
         Also, what cars are too small for competition. Feasibly could a
Saturn SL1
or a Volkswagen Jetta, properly set up, compete in the program, or are they
too small. What requirements are there?

Kathy from the NATCC replied

> We would love to see an Audi in North America also and are working with
> them to this end. Unfortunately, there are no cars available to run here
> at this time. Who knows, maybe we will see one before the end of the
> year...only time will tell. 
> The Saturn SL could run in Super Touring but I believe that VW has
> chosen the Passatt in other countries. At the present time neither of
> the two aforementioned cars have been FIA homologatedut that doesn't
> mean they won't be in the future. 
> Regards, 
> Kathi Elliot kathi@southeast.net

So if you all have further questions, throw them that way. Later-G