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Re: Audi future plans!

>Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 15:26:41 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Kwattro@aol.com
>In a message dated 97-06-25 06:30:14 EDT, you write:
><< Audi was
> running pre-WWII races. Technology? 5 valve heads and AWD, Alum space
> frames, advanced front suspensions, Um, hybrid tech, restraint
> systems... Audi is known to the general world buying public as a
> technological leader. Its just the basic 'murican who doesnt associate
> Audi with automotive technology. (Another AoA debacle?)
> Market share? Maybe not in the States, but in europe Audi really sells.
> The reason your Jetta is slow is because VW didnt spend $13,000 to build
> the engine.
> The relationship Audi has with Porsche today is all right. Let Porsche
> build a few go-fast avants and Audi can use Porsche technology
> (tiptronic) when it is affordable.
> To follow the current thread:
> I likened P* buying Audi as Ferrari buying Fiat. >>
>Well, now that everyone hates me....
>Auto Union was running pre-WW2 races.  Audi was a fledgling company then.
> Compared to many, audi is STILL a tiny auto maker.  

well, audi first raced in about 1907 actually; about 3 years after startup...

>How many cars did Audi
>sell last year.  Now, how many F-150;s did Ford sell?  Point, Carter.

about 450,000 to be precise.  the a4 outsells the bmw 3 series worldwide. 
point ???

>  Ferrari also has a 5 valver, and I believe that several F1 teams tried it
>in the late eighties.  Volvo built a "Duo" several years ago.  Mercedes Benz
>pioneered Air bags, seat belt tensioners, and volvo did crumple zones.  AWD,
>well yes in a street car.  AWD, however, is not a new thing.  Bugatti ran
>several AWD cars in GP's.  Space frames are also not new technology.  

as far as i know there is no new technology to in todays' cars, only
developments of existing technology.

audi was the 1st in *production* with awd (jensen ff was about 20 examples),
and with 5 valve heads (f355, f50 were there or there abouts).

probably 1st in the commercial use of alimunimum space frame (honda nsx?), seat
belt tensioners, and aerodynamics (audi 100/80).

as far as i know volvo did *not* do crumple zones btw, and only ferrari tried 5
valves (and failed) in f1.

>I stand by my statement, that I believe it
>would be a correct and proper move for Porsche to buy a percentage of audi,
>and gain control.  It's my opinion.  Also, if you liken Porsche buying audi
>to Ferrari buying Fiat, you better go look up market shares yourself, because
>you are really talking apples and oranges.  

well, porsche have only just become profitable after some years in the red. 
they co-operate with vag/audi due to the internecine peitch/porsche family
relationship (what is ferdi's mothers name anyway?), and they're just happy
that way.

on the other hand, you will no doubt be aware that audi built the 924/944 for
porsche, and supplied a lot of the technology for those cars...

porsche, on the other hand have gone to the vag board whenever they've felt
threatened by audi's sportscar planes (bye bye avus, and spyder).

you no doubt know that fiat owns ferrari anyway right?

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q