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Re: 17 inch tire size for A4 - urgent advice

Greg Spark wrote:
> I am about to get new tires.
> Option 1 is to stick with my 16x7 rims to which I will fit 225/50
> Falkens
> Option 2 is to go to 17x8 rims but then I can't get 235/40 Falkens,
> but can get 225/45s. The 235/40s would be Uniroyals.
> Question: Is there any advantage in 235/40 over 225/45, as my preference
> is for the Falken rubber on past experiences?

No experience with either (I am a die hard Dunlop and Yoko fan), however:

A deal that I made with my salesman on the forthcoming A4, among other things, 
included me ordering the car with the stock 15" rims with the dealership taking the 
new crappy OEM H-rated tires (whichever they might be - probably Eagles GA or some 
such garbage) and crediting me for them with whatever their wholesale cost is.

The OEM rims will take Nokia NRW for winter, whereas for summer I'll get 16" MOMO 
Arrows with Z-rated Dunlop SP8000.

So basically I had the same question: 16" or 17"?

The sales manager, who I dealt with (and who is a car (Porsche) buff himself), 
instead of answering, showed me a lowered Laser Red '96 A4, which was in for service.
That thing had 17" w/245/40 SP8000!

If this car belongs to a lister - please accept apologies for my words. I did not 
like it a bit. Those wheels were waaay too big for that tight little car. The A4's 
fragile balance of an impeccable class and elegance was violated.

Before you go with 17", make sure you see one live _beforehand_.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ-18psi (TAP)
'97 A4TQ-on order