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90q20v brake idiot light

Wow, it seems that everytime I read about something going awry on someone
else's 90q20v my car will develop the same problem.  The brake light on the
dash sometimes stays on for 10-20 seconds.  Sometimes it doesn't come on at
all.  Sometimes the airbag light will turn on as well.  Sometimes its just
the airbag light and not the brake.  It's so inconsistent.  Should I prepare
to sell the farm to get the money to replace the "bomb".  (BTW where did that
term come from?)  Is my air bag gonna explode in my face for no good reason?
(Don't take that question seriously.) The same thing used to happen with the
warning lights in my Coupe GT but it just worked itself away somehow.  Now
the temp gauge just soars into the hot!Hot!HOT! section whenever I turn
right.  Do I just chalk all this up to Audi electricals?

On another subject.  My 90q20v has developed a little annoying habit of
almost dying (just briefly) immediately after it fires up (though it never
dies.)  Bad omen of things to come?

BTW I'm 25 if that matters to anyone.