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Re: Little Fixes

At 01:42 PM 06/25/97 GMT, you wrote:

>Your headrests are too low. The pivot point should be exactly level with the
>point at which your head touches the headrest. If you're a significantly
>different height from other drivers of the car (my wife is 9" shorter than me)
>you _must_ adjust the headrest when changing drivers. If the headrest tilts
>backwards when your head touches it, just imagine what's going to happen in an
>accident - when your head hits it with _real_ force. It will tend to stretch
>(and in extreme cases break) your neck.
>Even if you can make the pivot stiff enough to hold against casual pressure -
>you'll _NEVER_ make it hold against the sort of forces met in accidents.

Question: When I sit in my car, with the headrest all the way up, the back of my head touches the top facing edge of the headrest - is this wrong? Am I not adequately protected? The headrest can not go up any further.

Perhaps I am not fully understanding what you are saying. Should your head "fit" in between the top and bottom edges... like fitting into the "pocket"? If so, mine won't, because I am 6'2", and the headrest is all the way up.

If I put my head back, I CAN tilt it back with my head (with a bit of force, though...). But there is nothing I can do to raise it any further. I don't want to lower it... 'cuz then I'll REALLY get whiplash (or worse... a broken neck), as my neck would then FOLD OVER the headrest. Is this just one of the problems with being over 6 feet tall?

Regardless, I feel better anyway in my car, with these headrests, than most American cars (especially Fords!!). Their headrests offer almost no protection at all (unless you are 5 feet tall....).


Take care.

Jim Griffin
Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
'92 100S