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Re: quattro-digest V4 #873

> The sales manager, who I dealt with (and who is a car (Porsche) buff himself), 
> instead of answering, showed me a lowered Laser Red '96 A4, which was in for service.
> That thing had 17" w/245/40 SP8000!
> If this car belongs to a lister - please accept apologies for my words. I did not 
> like it a bit. Those wheels were waaay too big for that tight little car. The A4's 
> fragile balance of an impeccable class and elegance was violated.
> Before you go with 17", make sure you see one live _beforehand_.
> Igor Kessel
> '89 200TQ-18psi (TAP)
> '97 A4TQ-on order

I beg to differ- In Boston two days ago, I saw a silver A4 with a full
AvantGarde body kit and 18" Brabus (yes, the Mercedes tuner) wheels. It
looked lowered about three inches (deep side skirts had much to do with
it, no doubt), and the car looked absolutely _AWESOME_, looked just a
hair shy of "touring car" low. BTW, tires were 225/40ZR-18.