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Re: Little Fixes NOW headrest questions/discussion

Sean worries:

>    While we're on the subject of the headrests "with the holes", my wife
> recently complained that she did not think the headrests in my Audi were
> all that safe due to the ease of movement (front to back). I'm thinking
> that she's got a point, in that a collision from the rear would jerk your
> head back, btdt, but the Audi's headrests would just give way allowing
> one's head to continue it's rapid travel into the rear seat area.

Mine held my head.  I got a slight concussion and had a headache for
four days.  My neck was fine however.  No pain there or whiplash whatsoever.
The left rear end of the bumper was pushed more than halfway to the rear
wheel well by a sixteen year old who had had her license for two weeks.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe