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	I tried to post a message in response to Mike and Ian, but
problems here prevented it from going through---if it did get through,
ignore this:)

	Jet-Hot is used to coat the inside and outside of the exhaust
manifold.  Since underhood temps are a big problem on our cars, and
coating lowers the temp of the exhaust manifold dramatically, this is why
I am doing it.  Heat soak to the turbo can be solved some too.  Take a
look at what the turbo-racers do to the turbo.  While JH advertised slight
hp gains, the underhood temp is my concern---given where our airbox inlet
is, plus other things.

	Also, on a different subject, some people are talking about using
nitrous on the audi.  You do know that your stock ECU probably needs to
stay in if you do this, right?  Advanced timing and nitrous do not like
each other--so be careful.  Stock or retard, don't advance unless you
*really* know what you are doing here.  Nitrous, advanced timing and the
dual knock motor is even a bigger guess.