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RS Spec Audis (Was Re:Audi's Future Plans)

	I wrote earlier of the RS cars that Porsche should tune and sell along
with Audi. Imagine the upcoming twin turbo S4 with 6speed transmission or a
sequential shifter, bigger turbos and intercooler, Boxster styled front and
rear bumper covers, Boxster rims, big slotted brake rotors and big red
Porsche imprinted calipers and inside Porsche Sport Seats and aluminum trim
with a new RS Sport Steering wheel, and maybe even ion projector lamps.
	Now imagine the new A6 dressed up with a severely tuned version of the
upcoming 40V 4.2L V8 maybe even with a small turbocharger or 2, 6speed or
sequential shifter, front and rear fascias like the new Porsche 911
whatever that may look like, 911 turbo rims, slotted and drilled rotors,
big red porsche calipers, ion projector headlights and maybe a speed
activated rear spoiler ala 911 and VW Corrado. Interior again would have
the Porsche Sport seats and  aluminum trim.
	Finally imagine an A7 minivan (they've been alluding to it) done up the
same way with either 911 or 911 RS styled front and rear fascias, Porsche
tuned ??? not sure which engine (but maybe a VR6 so I can find a wrecked
one and transplant it into my Jetta) with similar equipment as above. Now
imagine a bike rack with Porsche Mountain bikes as an accessory. It'd look
pretty cool in an autoshow display.
	I would bet that there are many Porsche fans who might buy these things as
their daily drivers. It would do wonders for Audis sport and luxury images
IMHO, just don't nix on the S series because of it Audi! I would think
these cars would easily one up the M cars from the other German auto
company who does these types of things. Whaddaya think?
Oh yeah I forgot one other point on the Porsche buying Audi thread....VW
would never want to sell Audi, especially now.