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RE: Bomb vs. Power Steering 1990 CQ

> No. Bomb maintains pressure on the brake fluid (DOT 3 or 4, hopefully 4)
> in brake system, to the tune of 2000+ psi. The power steering runs on
> Pentosin, at much lower pressures. They are both pressurized by the same
> two stage pump, mounted on the front of the motor, up high, between the
> head and the radiator. The "bomb" accumulates this pressure, and gives
> it back up when necessary, like when the motor stalls, or the first
> moment you stab the brake pedal, before the pump can catch up. It has no
> effect on steering. Two seperate systems, the only two common points are
> the pump and your wallet. I would guess you were too athletic for the

... will I be the first??? :)  BZZZZZZT!  NO! the "bomb" does accumulate 
hydraulic pressure in the Pentosin on the newer cars (e.g. 5kCSQ) or ATF 
on the older ones (e.g. urQ).  You are correct in stating that the bomb's
purpose is to continue to provide braking assist in the event that the 
pump ceases to provide pressure for some reason, but not steering assist.  
I don't know that the two outlets from the 5k pump provide any different 
pressure, having separate pumps obviates the need for a valving system 
like the urQ has.  

The DOT3/DOT4 is only pressurized indirectly through the brake servo's 
assist to the master cylinder ...

San Jose, CA (USA)