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Re: 4000q OWNERS

Add to this list details of any suspension changes on the car. How about a
measurement from the top of the wheel to the wheel well. 

> From: Pete Kunzler <pck@gte.net>
> To: Northwest audi list <audi-nw@u.washington.edu>; q-list
> Subject: 4000q OWNERS
> Date: Tuesday, June 24, 1997 7:00 PM
> In the past the list has had various discussions on exactly what size
> aftermarket tire and wheel combinations will work. Unfortunetly with no
> difinitive answer as to what will really work in different wheel widths.
> I would like to collect as much information as possible from those of
> you that have installed 1+ or 2+ wheels with both good and bad results.
> After I receive the info i will put it together and make it available 
> to those that want it. 
> Info needed.
> 1. Wheel diameter
> 2. Wheel width
> 3. Offset/rear spacing
> 4. Tire size and brand
> 5. Year of car (are 84's different?)
> Pete Kunzler 
> 86 4kq
> (wanting new wheels and tires BAD)