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audi sales news

i see from the audi's annual meeting that their sales volumes for the 1996 year

sales:	492,000 units (up 9.9%)
revenue: 	dm18.8b  (up 12.8%)
profit: 	dm862m  (up 46.5%)
investment dm1.4b (up 67%)

the expectation is that 500,000 cars will be sold this year...

breakdown of sales for the 6 months to june:

123k - germany (+12%)
110k - western europe (+13%)
16.5k - usa (+30%)
27k - world (+10%)

277k total (+17%)

btw, engine production is 347k units for the 6 months (i guess this includes
units for the passat etc.)

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q