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Re: Jet-Hot

First Bruce Said:

>	Jet-Hot is used to coat the inside and outside of the exhaust
>manifold.  Since underhood temps are a big problem on our cars, and
>coating lowers the temp of the exhaust manifold dramatically, this is why
>I am doing it.  Heat soak to the turbo can be solved some too.  Take a
>look at what the turbo-racers do to the turbo.  While JH advertised slight
>hp gains, the underhood temp is my concern---given where our airbox inlet
>is, plus other things.

Then Mike Hopton responded with:

>     Bruce,
>     >  If you are putting a new 2 piece manifold on---I suggest you look
>     >  into getting the thing coated by JetHot or similar product prior to
>     >  installing it.  
>     I thought about doing this to my exhaust manifold. I ended up not 
>     doing it due to concerns with excessive heat. JetHot coating and 
>     cermic coatings are used to insulate parts so they will retain more 
>     heat? I would be concerned about heat soaking the turbo and head if 
>     the manifold was insulated? What's your theory?
>     I am planning on fabricating heat shields to fit between the inlet and 
>     exhaust manifolds and to try and isolate the hot and cold sides of the 
>     turbo. May even cut some holes in the bonnet.

Then I'm answering with........

Bruce is 100% correct, That's why we both are Jet-Hot'ing or new 2 piece 
manifolds.  Remember a turbo is a energy recapture device, that energy is 
stored in the heat, so what do you want it to do?  Spin the exhaust 
turbine or heat the manifold which heats the underhood reducing the 
airdensity?  I want it to spin up my turbo, which now will spool faster 
(or allow me to use a bigger/more aggressive compressor... Maybe even 
both.....) because if the higher heat content.  BTW Jet-Hot is estimating 
a reduction of underhood temp in the range of 30-40F....


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO